Andrea Mallet for Deputy 2019

St Helier Districts 3 & 4

Whilst we are all affected by many of the island wide issues, there are many struggles faced by those in St Helier and it’s the Deputies role to provide a selfless service to make lives better for people living in those districts. 


It is imperative that a Deputy is available to meet with you all to truly understand your problems.  Everything from Social Security, Housing, Road Safety, Education, the list goes on.


St Helier is at an economic disadvantage in relation to the services we have to pay for and maintain compared to other Parishes. 


The Constable has previously stated,  "St Helier ratepayers still pay well over £1m a year for services which are funded by the States in other parishes, such as public toilets, parks and gardens, playgrounds and litter collection"


We need to seek to achieve a fairer deal for St Helier.  One solution may be to pool all island Parish funding and a review of how these funds are distributed amongst the Parishes.


We also need to develop community hubs for social groups of all ages.   Many feel isolated and this may be due to a lack of community facilities for the less able bodied, elderly, young and single parents, the youth and the vulnerable.  This appears to be more evident where there is a higher concentration of residents.  We need to identify key areas where community facilities can be developed and adopted.


To the electors, I pledge to always make myself available.  I will also arrange monthly residents surgeries to discuss the issues you face.  I will work to tirelessly to find solutions and, more importantly, give you a voice.

It is important to work with and support the Constable and the Parish of St Helier's pursuit in the improvements of pedestrian safety to include the proposed traffic calming measures and building pavements in specific areas.


I would be honoured to continue the dedicated work Deputy Richard Rondel implemented and ensure his and your vision for St Helier is pursued. I will champion community projects that improve the lives of those living in the district, and the island.


The previous government stated that the regeneration of St Helier is a strategic priority of the Council of Minsters and a review of the St Helier Waterfront master plan is another crucial step in the work we are going to plan for, invest in and rejuvenate our town.  Where is this?  I will ask questions to hold the Council of Minsters accountable and to try and see their promises made to us implemented.


Your concerns are, and always will be, my concerns.