Andrea Mallet for Deputy 2019


Immigration to the island is vital to ensure its diverse and economic growth.  However, the concerning increase in population is starting to have a burdening impact on our resources (including health, housing and education) which could result in sub-standard living conditions for a significant number of islanders. 


The previous government has neglected to address the issue and the current government seem to be doing the same. 


The Chief Minister announced one month after being elected that the government agreed to withdraw the proposed migration policy denying this urgent matter to be debated by the new Assembly.  This is frustrating and I share your frustrations on the lack of urgency on this matter.


Due to pressure on resources, Jersey has to have a balanced immigration policy. Why has this not been achieved? I want answers, I know you do as well. Let’s have facts and solutions. I welcome everyone to Jersey who can make a positive contribution to our island, but we have to be realistic about the numbers, and it has to work for all of us. Recent governments have failed spectacularly in tackling the issue and I question if there was ever any real will to deal with this vital question.