Andrea Mallet for Deputy 2019


In 2020 this current Assembly will be voting and putting into place of one most important items which affects all aspects of island life.  The Island Plan.  This will have a significant impact on islanders for the next 10 years.  This is a singular opportunity to make the rights choices. One of the key concerns of the Island plan is an increase to housing without having a detrimental effect on the island's natural environment.  But also, St Helier is continually earmarked for Housing, leaving us to deal with the social and environmental impact of overcrowding.  St. Helier has been inundated with new housing developments.  Whilst affordable homes are needed, can our town sustain the volume of new builds which are being raised up.

Andium Homes are committed to make home ownership a reality, with 1,000 homes for purchase by 2025 and a plan to build a further 1,000 within this time frame.  But where are these homes to be built?  I pledge to work with you, to put forward your concerns, so that as residents of District 3 & 4, your voice is heard within the States Assembly.

We need to ensure that we are successful in having our say with the implementation of the Island Plan.  As well as the issues I have highlighted above, I would also seek to bring amendments to provide better parking facilities for parishioners.  The States are seeking to lower the minimum parking standard for new housing developments, but surely there needs to be a balance in the reduction of traffic, which should not discriminate against St Helier resdients.  We should have equal rights of vehicle ownership as those living in other parishes.

With growing pressure on our Parish to provide the majority of the Island's new homes, I will push for the protection and possible expansion of our green spaces and parks.  We also need to work towards providing St Helier residents better access to the neighbouring countryside and oppose  building on our essential green fields.

If elected I will work alongside the other Deputies to protect St Helier’s environment and open green space but recognising the continual need for affordable housing and a town centre that is rejuvenated and appeals to all.