Andrea Mallet for Deputy 2019


Jersey faces difficult economic challenges, which affect every one of us.  The questionable management of our economy in recent years demonstrates the need for transparency and honesty.


Many islanders struggle financially. 

There is an essential requirement for a fairer taxation system. We need to be talking to corporations about how we can rebalance the tax system to reduce the burden on individual taxpayers.  We need to take the pressure off hard-working middle-income earners, who seem to be the target of all our taxation.

​We need the right people to create innovative solutions for our economy. We need to create new jobs for the new world we live in now to ensure our economic future.  

We need to put an end to the government’s expensive reliance on consultants from the UK.


​We cannot keep spending what we don’t have or spending it in all the wrong places.  I am aware that the government have launched an island wide consultation to obtain public feed back on the current personal tax regime, which is the first step to a fundamental reform of personal income tax.  It is essential that islanders engage with this, the government listen and the appropriate action is taken for the benefit of all.

The finance industry is the bread and butter of Jersey’s employment and economic success.   It is important that this position is maintained, and enhanced by investing in new technologies. Diversification is important across other sectors such as retail, farming and tourism is also essential to ensure that dependance is spread.  This will increase wider employment opportunities and revenue income. 


Unlike the UK, Jersey has never been a member state of the European Union, so whilst Brexit causes uncertainly surrounding the future relationship between the UK and the EU member states, no such uncertainty exists in respect of Jersey.

We should continue to work closely with the UK, to ensure smooth transition arrangements, including travel, customs, and movement of goods and services. We should also work closely with EU and world partners in relation to Jersey’s leading financial services provision, and global opportunities.

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