Andrea Mallet for Deputy 2019


I am a 42 year old woman, born in Jersey and married to a wonderful and supportive husband who also grew up on this beautiful island.


I was educated at Hautlieu School and Highlands College, completing a business diploma and have subsequently worked in the legal and finance industries for the past 23 years. I have also run an event management business assisting charities in their fund raising efforts and community projects. 


Over the years I have travelled extensively which included charitable overseas projects such as school building in Uganda.  This provided me with a respect and commitment to a strong work ethic.  Travelling also provided unique opportunities, experiencing different cultures, religions and being part of diverse communities and societies. 


I have lived in St Helier almost my entire life.  I understand the struggles that are faced by so many in the parish.  My heart has always been in this part of the island. I would feel privileged to work hard for you and your families as one of your Deputies in this district.

My core values are: 

  • Opportunity​ - We need a fair economy that bridges the gap between rich and poor.


  • Tolerance​ - Jersey should be a free, diverse society where our differences are celebrated and respected.


  • Democracy​ - People need to have real influence over their politics. 


  • Environment​ - Everything possible must be done to protect our environment and to tackle climate change. 


As a resident, I campaigned alongside the Constable and the Deputies to save the ‘protected’ green open space at La Collette.  I wrote to all sitting politicians outlining why the development would have an detrimental impact on the environment and the lives of the neighbouring residents.  Even though we actually won the proposition, the Ministers ignored the decision!


However, it did highlight the lack of open green space in St. Helier and the need to protect what little ‘pocket parks’ we have left and, it is hoped, will encourage the promised regeneration funding from the waterfront development, delivering improvements outlined in the North of Town Masterplan and road improvement schemes to ensure the rejuvenation of our town..

As well as working full time, in a voluntary capacity I have immersed myself in other local community projects and am presently a member of the following:


  • Regeneration Steering Group for Havre Des Pas


I campaigned for 3 years, and continue to campaign, for the regeneration of Havre Des Pas, a once thriving seaside village and tourist hub.  I was invited by the Parish of St Helier to be a member of the Steering Group becoming a voice and driving force on behalf of the residents.  This project includes traffic calming measures, increased public parking, road safety developments to enhance the lives for families and the elderly living in Havre Des Pas.  The plans include a cycle path, increased boardwalks and creation of sites for businesses to return to the area.  

At our most recent Steering Group meeting with Growth, Housing and Environment I have been instrumental in agreeing a plan to conduct a study for installation of pedestrian crossings on Havre Des Pas and Green Street and the long overdue 20mph.  


  • Founder and Committee member of the Inaugural Jersey Beach Festival


We are creating a community centric Jersey Beach Festival, working with Visit Jersey, Genuine Jersey, local businesses, residents and supporters.  It is envisaged the festival will showcase the very best of Jersey, its local produce, beach activities and theatrical/musical talents.  This 'Free Entry' event is scheduled to take place in July 2019.  An event created by the community for the community.


  • Residents Committee


I join monthly meetings attended by the Constable of St Helier and Parish Deputies, designed to provide practical solutions and effective change to improve the quality of life of the residents in the area and wider community.


​There are issues that I will champion, both at a parish level and those that impact the island as a whole and where I believe I can make a positive contribution.